In The Beginning…

I have no pleasure in any man who despises music. It is no invention of ours: it is a gift of God. -Martin Luther

This blog is going to be almost entirely about music, and primarily Rock and Roll. Music is something bigger than ourselves, something that binds us all together regardless of our different tastes in it. There is something so magical and special about music that is cannot be described or understood, just enjoyed. It gives hope to those who believe in it, strength to those who need strength, and pleasure to those who know where to look for it.

My goal is to share the best of music, past and present, and while I am more of a fan of the past, there is still plenty of the present worth listening to.

There is not going to be any pointless posts here, all will hopefully awaken you to what is going on in the music scene today along with a lot from the past, and hopefully you will find some music here that you haven’t heard of before and end up loving it.

There will be roughly 6 types of posts (though i may add more later) that i will describe to you here. They all have names so you know which is which:

This May Be Love (Album Review): I plan on buying a new album every two weeks, which I will listen to and review for you, or I may review one which I already have, depending on what I buy every other week. These will be primarily new artists, but I’ll be throwing in a lot of old ones too. Since music is something that not everyone agrees on (which is half the beauty of it) I will try not to make it too personally biased, and try to concentrate on how it relates to the band’s other albums, but of course there will be opinion.

You Like This Band/Artist, You Just Don’t Know It Yet (Band/Artist Review): In these posts I will be focusing on a different band/artist everytime and basically hyping them because they kick ass and you should give them a try. This could either be past or present, and will include as much info as I can find on them, such as musical style, albums, best songs, some history, etc. so you can get some background before trying them out. I’m hoping people will find a new favorite band with this section.

Listen To The Music (Song you should Download): If I find a great song that is definitely worth adding to your ITunes, I’ll put it in these sections, along with descriptions of the band and such. It’ll probably just be a song I’m into that week or something, and I will be including what album its on and such so it will be easier to find and maybe if you like the song, you’ll explore more of that artist’s stuff and get into some new music that way.

When The Musics Over (Where are they now?): This section will be primarily about past bands and many one hit wonders, or any artist I kind of want to poke fun at for being megahits one week and never heard from again after that. Or it could be about a good band and what they are doing now. Either way, if you ever wanted to know what happened to MC Hammer, stay tuned.

What Is And What Should Never Be (Rants and Personal Views): This is the only section that could have any possibility of not being about music. It won’t be common, but if I’m in the mood I may throw one of these at you about politics (which I don’t really follow so there won’t be many) or whatever, however most of them will still be somewhat music related. I’m hoping to stur up some debate here and also just get it off my chest.

When I’m Sixty-Four (History Lesson): I’m a big history guy, so once in a while I’ll write about some music history, like a famous landmark, or a concert, or a quote (such as the title of this blog), etc. It’ll only help you appreciate the music more.

That pretty much describes what this is all about. I’m hoping after I get some good articles under my belt I can get this on HypeMachine and other sites to get some more readers, because If no one is reading what I write then I’m not really doing much.

I am always open to new artists/bands if you have something to recommend, however if its country, hip-hop, techno, etc., I can assure you I won’t listen to it, because I really don’t like those styles, sorry.

Hope you enjoy it,
Kid Zeppelin


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