A Note On Album Reviews

Something you have to know about me is when I like a band, its because I like how they sound and their general style. So when bands come out with new music that deviates from that, i tend not to like it as much.

Case in point, the White Stripes new album Icky Thump. I loved their hit single Icky Thump and the bag pipes were great, but i wasn’t crazy about the rest of the album. Songs like “You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do as You’re Told)” are so different from how they normally play it threw me off and thus I wasn’t enthralled by the album as a whole. Don’t get me wrong it, was still good and worth the money, but that is just something I wanted to warn everyone about when I do album reviews.

Also I forgot that i should probably use a rating system, so here it is, can’t think of anything original so here ya go:

5 Guitars
4 Guitars
3 Guitars
2 Guitars
1 Guitar
Mm Bop

Any album that gets a rating of “Mm Bop” should be bought for the sole purpose of burning it.

-Kid Zeppelin


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