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Why has no one thought of this?

What I’m listening to right now: I’m Mikey by The Cool Kids

My brother was reading my book yesterday for the first time, and he says to me, “Dude, I love all the music in here. Its like your book has a soundtrack.” Suddenly the light bulb flickered on, and since then I’ve been wondering why no one in the publishing industry has thought of simultaneously releasing a book with a soundtrack for the book. I have always felt music and books can intertwine so well together thats its a travesty that they haven’t already. Lyrics are basically poetry put to music anyway, so where’s the disconnect?

And then I read this post from Nathan Bransford’s blog, and realized I’m not alone. In fact, the very first comment is about releasing a soundtrack simultaneously with the book. I’m very excited (course now I hope no one beats me to it) that others think this is a good idea.

But now I’m suspicious. Clearly I’m not the first to think of this idea, so why hasn’t it been done yet? I know its easier said than done, as I’m sure you would have to get permission from the artists to use their songs, and maybe that is the central reason why it hasn’t happened yet, but the internet and digital music makes the idea so much easier to implement. All you would have to do is create a passcode or something to put in the book, and then when people buy it, they can go to a website that has been set up, enter the code, and download the soundtrack for free. Radiohead did it, Nine Inch Nails did it (both minus the passcode of course), so why cant the publishing industry do this to market books?

I think it would garner a lot of attention from the media (as it would be a first), but most importantly you would be able to get the attention of millions and millions of music fans who seem to increasingly enjoy their music more when its free. This could amplify depending on how diverse the playlist is. Think of being able to attract fans of Led Zeppelin AND Britney Spears to your book! Ok, thats a little extreme, but you get the idea.

I know this can be done. Someone just needs to work out the details. Hopefully that someone can be me someday, for my book.


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